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The Level III (Level 3), 45 hour security guard training class is what you take if you are looking to carry a firearm as a Commissioned Armed Security Guard in Texas. This security course, as required by the State of Texas Private Security Bureau, will include a classroom session and a firearms range qualification. You take this class after completing your Level 2 security guard training. 
Our Level 3 Security Class is taught by instructors that are actively working security. This means that you'll have an Instructor with hands-on knowledge and actual work experience teaching you all of the material. Our classes are interesting, engaging and interactive. 

General Course Description

  • Law Pertinent to the Security Officer

  • Field Notes and Report Writing

  • Crime Scenes

  • Awareness Skills

  • Use of Force

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Defensive Tactics

  • Handcuffing

  • Firearms

  • ASP Baton

Required Equipment
For the classroom portion of your training, it is recommended that you bring a notebook or notepad, pen or pencil for note taking. 
During the firearms range portion of the class, you are required to qualify with a handgun. The handgun must be at least a .38 caliber revolver or at least a 9 mm semi-automatic. Bring your handgun to the range (not to the classroom). You'll need 50 rounds of ammunition (you provide your own ammo), hearing and eye protection for the range. 


Important note, if you qualify with a revolver, while on duty as a Security Officer, you will only be allowed to carry a revolver. If you qualify with a semi-automatic, while on duty working as a Security Officer, you may carry a semi-automatic 9mm or 40 caliber. You may also qualify with a shotgun. Shotgun qualification is optional and there are extra range fees associated. 

For More Information:


Level 3 Commission Officer (Armed)

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