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This course is an In-person DPS Approved Level 4 Training Course. This is a 15 hour course that is required by the Texas Department of Public Safety – Private Security Board.


This course meets the training requirements of the PSB for a Personal Protection Officer.

In order to recieve your Level IV Certificate you must have completed Level II and Level III first.


Subjects Covered:

Options in Personal Protection

Comprehensive Protection Planning

Coordination with local Authorities

Building a Client Profile

Rings of Protection

The Force Continuum

Unarmed Defensive Tactics

Conflict Resolution & Avoidance

Public Perception

Arrest Authority

Use of Force & Deadly Force

How To Protect The Principle Alone Or As A Team

How To Plan and Scout Escape Routes


Note: Personal Protection Officer license allows a security officer to work in a bodyguard position.


For Additional Information:


Level 4 Personal Protection Officer

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